Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hawaii 2016

Hawaii this year was amazing, Mac and I thought we would get away for an exciting anniversary-moon for our 7 year anniversary.  Hawaii is always my number one choice.  We looked at some places in Maui but my heart was set on Oahu! Its my absolute favorite! We thought about bringing our kids but ultimately decided that we wanted to do something just for the two of us. We stayed in our foveate place on Oahu, which is Laie. We were in the brand new Marriott next to the PCC, BYU campus, and the Temple. It was THE BEST place in Hawaii I've ever stayed!!  When we go to Hawaii we prefer the local feel, we try to stay away from Honolulu or Waikiki beach, although we only went down there one day so that we could go to Pearl Harbor, which is a must. Every time we go we always make sure we make time to go to the Arizona Memorial.  Most of our time we spent on the north sore by our favorite beaches and restaurants. We spent a lot of time at the Temple. Its my favorite place on planet earth. We always do a session when we go and meet lots of new people there and we just love it.  Most days were spent on the beach or by the pool. We love eating at Teds Bakery, and 7 brothers. This time we went we spent a lot of time up in Haleiwa which is a cool little surfer town up in the north shore. 9 days of pure bliss... Cant wait to go back!

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